New and Used Armoured Vehicle Procurement and Disposal

Offering the procurement of new armoured vehicles and the disposal of used armoured vehicles, PTC Specialised Vehicles is adapted to the changing requirements that you may have over your vehicles lifetime. Our portfolio of vehicles includes a variety of new and used vehicles that serve the diverse needs of our clients situated throughout the globe.

We understand how easily circumstances can change – even on a daily basis. When your requirements change it does not have to mean that you are left with excess inventory that is difficult to move. We help our clients dispose of armoured vehicles that are no longer in use. We also help clients who are seeking brand new vehicles. Thanks to our flexible approach that puts our clients’ needs at the forefront, we always have a wide variety of vehicles in stock that is available to for sale. Our vehicles include a selection of new and used civilian, commercial, peacekeeping and tactical vehicles. Whether you are seeking new armoured vehicles or you are hoping to sell your used armoured vehicles, we are here to help.

Our Used and New Armoured Vehicle Procurement and Disposal Solutions

We cater to the many unique needs of our clients, who are found all over the world. Whether you are seeking new armoured vehicles that can be tailored towards your needs, whether it may be a cash in transit vehicle, personnel carrier, escort vehicle or discreet protection vehicle, we will help you procure the best vehicle to suit your budget and requirements. If you are aiming to sell used armoured vehicles that no longer serve your needs, we can assist with easy and efficient disposal. Some of our services offered include the following:

  • A large inventory of vehicle types and makes
  • Close relationships with other manufacturers and retrofitters who keep inventory throughout the globe
  • Regular disposal of used armoured vehicles in South Africa, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Germany and India among various other countries

Contact PTC Specialised Vehicles today to find out more about new armoured vehicles procurement or used armoured vehicles disposal in your current location, and let us help you get what you need.

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