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    Cash in Transit

    Offering a range of fully equipped armoured cash/ asset in transit vehicles that are used across various industries, PTC Specialised Vehicles gives you peace of mind on the road, whether transporting cash, goods or any other type of specialised cargo. Cash or Valuables in Transit (CVIT) vehicles are protected in a way that allows the safe transportation of cash, valuables or persons. These vehicles are typically used across various types of industries for many different purposes. One of the primary uses for these vehicles includes the transfer of cash, gold, asset and bullion from one financial institution to another.

    These vehicles are also used for mobile ATMs, as well as mobile banks. They are additionally used as pension pay-out units and ticket outlets. They can also be used to transport firearms and ammunition and for the safe transportation of prisoners.

    Cash/ asset in transit armouring solutions are typically built on commercial truck chassis and commercial LDV’s and pickup’s.

    Our Cash in Transit Vehicle Solutions

    Made to safely and securely transport cash and valuables, cash in transit vehicles are available in various styles and configurations. Many different vehicles can be used for CVIT purposes. The most commonly used vehicles include vans and trucks and similar armoured vehicles that can be protected against high powered rounds from firearms such as AK47 and similar automatic weapons that are used in cash in transit heists, hijackings and other robberies. Vehicles can be armoured as is or brand new vehicles made for CVIT purposes can be created from scratch. Our cash in transit solutions include the following:

    • Protection levels ranging from B4+ all the way to B6+
    • Installation of safes or compartments is available on request
    • Latest security features
    • Refitting and refurbishing of existing CVIT vehicles

    With almost two decades of experience in vehicle protection, PTC Specialised Vehicles has a long history dating back to 2001. We have worked with clients all over the world, providing peace of mind when on the road.
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