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    Extraordinary Protection

    With a global presence, PTC Specialised Vehicles originated in South Africa and has through the years expanded into other territories. We provide ballistically protected vehicles that are developed to suit the diverse needs of our clients. We design, manufacture, lease, repair and sell armoured vehicles for utilisation by civilians, security companies and their personnel, police, high value asset transport, tactical, mining, commercial, emergency, internal security, border patrol and military use.

    Our vehicle protection levels range from handgun calibre of level B4/ CEN B4 to high powered rifles of level B7/ CEN B7.
    Operating in the vehicle protection services industry since 2001, we have extensive experience in logistical procurement, leasing and selling of luxury and armoured vehicles, with a track record that is a testament to our success. Our clients are found across the globe, with services offered across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin and Northern America and various other locations.