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    Specialised Vehicles Tailored to Your Needs

    With a global presence, PTC Specialised Vehicles is a South African based company that provides tailored specialised vehicles that are made to suit the diverse needs of our clients. We design, manufacture, lease, repair and sell armoured vehicles for private individuals, security firms, corporate VIPs, government officials, military contractors, troops, anti-riot personnel, relief workers, financial institutions and many other companies and state enterprises seeking safe, fully protected transportation.

    Whether you require cash in transit vehicles to move valuable goods, a fully armoured protected escort vehicle to transport top executives or comprehensive customised protective services, we are standing by to assist. Our vehicle protection levels range from handgun calibre of level B4/ CEN B4 to high powered rifles of level B7/ CEN B7. Operating in the vehicle protection services industry since 2001, we have extensive experience in logistical procurement, leasing and selling of luxury and armoured vehicles, with a track record that is a testament to our success. Our clients are found across the globe, with services offered across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin and Northern America and various other locations.

    Why Choose PTC Specialised Vehicles?

    As a leading supplier of specialised vehicles, we offer a full-service solution. We develop, manufacture and lease a wide range of speciality vehicles. We also support specialised conversions for vehicles within civilian, security, police, commercial, emergency and military sectors. Whatever your requirements may be, we are here to assist. Our core services include the following:

    • Designing, manufacturing, repairing and maintaining of high-quality armoured vehicles.
    • Hiring/leasing, up armouring and selling of low and high profile, armoured civilian armoured vehicles.
    • Hiring/leasing and selling of cash in transit, military, riot, response and tactical vehicles.
    • Hiring/leasing and selling of specialised armouring solutions and products, including temporary armouring systems, partial armouring solutions and return fire ballistic glass.

    Our vehicles include a diverse selection of SUVs, sedans, bakkies, escort vehicles, LDVs and fully armoured personnel carriers. We provide ballistic conversions to vehicles used in an emergency, tactical, mining, internal security and humanitarian relief situations. We can even assist with specialised aircraft and vessels, over and beyond our standard services.

    With values rooted in integrity, honesty and accountability, PTC Specialised Vehicles is proud to be the trusted partner for many private and state-owned enterprises across Africa and beyond. Contact us today to find out more about our tailored specialised vehicles and services or to request a quote.