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    Discreet Protection Vehicles

    Designed to provide subtle protection, our armoured protection vehicles offer a way to travel in style with complete peace of mind, having a vehicle that is secured against any conceivable attack is the only way to feel safe on the road. Road attacks are often considered to be one of the easiest points of access if sufficient measures are not taken. An armoured vehicle that is made specifically to meet the highest level of quality is essential. A vehicle that can easily blend into traffic without seeming any different to surrounding vehicles is even more important.

    We offer comprehensive protection that transforms most vehicle brands into fully protected armoured vehicles. We armour various makes of vehicles, from sedans all the way to SUV’s, LDV’s, bakkies, minivans, buses, trucks and specialised commercial vehicles. Various protection levels are offered, with upgrades completed within two weeks depending on the protection level chosen and material availability.

    Our Protection Vehicle Solutions

    PTC Specialised Vehicles offers international support for all protection vehicles. We are committed to quality, with a stringent procurement and production process that has helped us gain our reputation for trust and excellence since our journey began in 2001. You can always trust that our processes, materials and manufacturing methods will provide you with the very best protection for you and your assets. Our vehicle protection solutions include the following:

      • Handgun protection for any conceivable kidnapping or hijacking situations
      • Undercarriage ballistic fragmentation blankets and protected fuel tanks
      • Assault rifle and armour piercing protection to provide protection from organised attacks such as assassination attempts or terrorist attacks
      • Blast protection for planned attacks using TNT, grenades, landmines and other blast devices

    Don’t compromise when it comes to your safety and the safety and protection of what is valuable to you. Contact our team to find out more about our fully customised, unique protection vehicles that provide peace of mind at all times.

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