Mod clip system

In addition to our wide range of products that ensure protection on the road, PTC Specialised Vehicles also offers the Mod Clip System. Like all of our products designed, manufactured and sold by our vehicle armouring company, the Mod Clip System is made to offer an extremely high level of protection. This system is designed to be used on various vehicles, from luxury sedans all the way through to commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks.

This modular system can be fitted to existing vehicle side windows. Various other high-grade materials are additionally used to protect the side panels or doors of vehicles. These protection panels have been designed in a specific way that allows the protective panels to be easily removed and replaced if required. This means that you can easily refit or refurbish vehicles so that you can enjoy the same peace of mind you have always enjoyed. Whether you are aiming to upgrade a protection vehicle, or you are upgrading commercial or tactical vehicles or armed personnel carrier vehicles, the Mod Clip System is easy to use and highly effective.

Mod clip system

Our Mod Clip System Solutions

The Mod Clip System provides a high level of protection that is versatile, easy to use and even easier to customise. Whatever your requirements may be, this system is sure to add value, making it an excellent investment for individual vehicles and fleets alike. Some of the top benefits offered by this solution include the following:

  • The level of protection that is offered by this system can be easily customised to your requirements
  • Any physical modifications that may need to be made to a vehicle are limited, which, in turn, reduces fitment time and costs
  • Our team of technicians are able to customise this system for a number of different applications to suit your requirements

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