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Armoured Personnel Carriers

PTC Specialised Vehicles offers a comprehensive armoured personnel carrier solution that includes the design, manufacture, support and refurbishment of fully equipped armoured personnel and tactical vehicles. These vehicles are used by police, military and security sectors that are in need of specialised, protected vehicles made to transport teams safely. Our carriers can also be used by many other law enforcement and private companies who require equipped vehicles that are suitable for peacekeeping missions, border patrols, specialised evacuations and extractions, asset and cash in transit, anti-poaching patrols, perimeter patrols, counter-terrorism initiatives, strike, riot management and crowd control and various other contractor and personnel transportation requirements. Whether you require an armoured vehicle that can send tactical teams to a crisis situation without putting any further lives at stake or you are in need of responsive vehicles that are made for situations that demand a higher level of protection than usual, our vehicles come with our extensive quality guarantee and commitment to excellence.

Our vehicles are made to provide your people with the very best protection against the many threats that may arise in day to day operations, special operations and any other situation that requires the highest level of safety. Since 2001, we have worked with a wide diversity of clients across the globe, providing secure transport for highly volatile tactical teams and high-risk situations. The procurement of certain makes and models of armoured personnel carriers is subject to vetting and proof of registration with the DCAC. We also require proof of compliance with arms control requirements and regulations in your country of operation.

Armoured Personnel Carriers Solutions

Our solutions are made to give you the ultimate level of trust and security, whatever operation your team may be facing. Vehicles can be armoured to a wide range of specification to suit just about every event and outcome. Whatever your requirements may be, we can assist. Some of our personnel carrier solutions on offer include the following:

  • Handgun protection for various conceivable kidnapping, hijacking, hostage, protest and operational situations that may arise
  • Undercarriage ballistic fragmentation blankets and protected tanks
  • Quality assault rifle and armour piercing protection against attacks
  • Blast protection for planned attacks using TNT, grenades, landmines and other blast devices

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